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The sustentaculum tali is a horizontal shelf that arises from the anteromedial portion of the calcaneus. The goals of treatment are to manage pain and support the bone as it heals. This may include: Medicine to ease pain and swelling. How do you treat
Talocalcaneal coalition (fibrous) | Radiology Case |

Bilateral tarsal tunnel syndrome attributed to bilateral …

 · Tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS) is one of the frequently encountered entrapment neuropathies of the lower limb. Most often the aetiology is considered to be idiopathic. However, it has to be thoroughly investigated to rule out diverse extrinsic and intrinsic causes. The sustentaculum tali (ST) forms the superior part of the distal tarsal tunnel, and any increase in its size may result in
Talocalcaneal coalition (fibrous) | Radiology Case |
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Fig. 9 9 a, b Follow-up of the same patient as in .Fig.1,2,4,5,6, and .Fig.8 at 18 months after surgery. The patient is pain-free during all activities of daily living and sports. After strenouos activity, he notes some swelling around the hindfoot. No signs of posttraumatic arthritis are seen at the subtalar joint. Implant removal is not indicated – “Fractures of the sustentaculum tali”
Talocalcaneal coalition (fibrous) | Radiology Case |
Medial-sided Ankle Pain
A small recurrent tendon slip inserts on the anterior margin of the sustentaculum tali, and may be injured but is hard to distinguish from the spring ligament on imaging. Accessory Navicular Bone The accessory navicular bone (also called the os tibiale externum) is a normal variant that can be associated with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.
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Bilateral tarsal tunnel syndrome attributed to bilateral fibrous tarsal coalition and symmetrical hypertrophy of the sustentaculum tali

 · PDF 檔案sustentaculum tali. (B) MRI right side coronal sections (proton density and T2 weighted), broadening and irregularity of the posterior sustentaculum tali and adjacent medial process of talus with an intervening hypodense area suggestive of fibrous tarsal coalition.
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It can also cause pain or degenerative changes in response to over use and trauma. Os sustentaculi is located on the posterior aspect of the sustentaculum tali with 0%.3-1% prevalence and it can be seen on anteroposterior radiographs and lateral projection
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Eversion (sustentaculum tali) Management Vertical fracture of the tuberosity – Compression, WBAT (initially sore++), heel cushion Avulsion of Sustentaculum tali (by deltoid ligament) – NWB 6 weeks or BK POP for 4 weeks, then WBAT Horizontal fractures
An unusual cause of ankle pain: fracture of a talocalcaneal coalition as a differential diagnosis in an acute ankle sprain: a case report and ...
Talocalcaneal coalition
The normal right sustentaculum tali and left with its osseuous continuity with the talus demonstrated. Case Discussion The commonest of the tarsal coalitions is talocalcaneal coalition and is demonstrated by the continuous C sign on a lateral ankle radiograph.
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A groove extends in front of the posterior articular facet, known as the Sulcus Calcanei. The middle articular facet is connected to the body through a projecting process called sustentaculum tali. Lateral to it are attached various ligaments along with Extensor
Talocalcaneal coalition (fibrous) | Radiology Case |
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Start studying BD – Ch. 8 quiz. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. An athlete presents in the athletic training room with a bump on the back of the heel. It is red, swollen, and painful to the touch.
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The sustentaculum tali is a bony outcropping on the medial side of the calcaneus and supports articulation of the medial talus facet. In addition, the exact pain location must be ascertained; accessory ossicles generally do not induce pain symptoms. (fig
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Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
The sinus tarsi is a tube or tunnel between the talus and the calcaneus bones. Sinus tarsi syndrome is pain or injury to this area. Traumatic injury to the ankle/foot (such as an ankle sprain) or overuse (such as repetitive standing or walking) are the main causes of this syndrome. It may also occur if the person has a pes planus or an over-pronated foot, which can cause compression in the
(PDF) Arthroscopic Subtalar Arthrodesis for Symptomatic Osteoarthritis of the Hindfoot: A Prospective Study of 41 Cases
A foot has a medial side, a lateral side, a sustentaculum tali, a lateral calcaneus, a fifth metatarsal ray and a forefoot. The support system for a foot comprises of the following. A first portion configured to support an underside portion of the sustentaculum tali at or
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Spring Ligament
The spring ligament fills the gap between the calcaneus and the navicular bone, it attaches from the sustentaculum tali of the calcaneus to the medial-plantar surface of the navicular. [1] The spring ligament is supported medially by the superficial deltoid ligament, posteriorly by the posterior tibial tendon and laterally by the bifurcate ligament.
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Lateral Hindfoot Impingement
The pain is initially located along the medial aspect of the foot, often associated with swelling due to tenosynovitis. With progressive collapse of the longitudinal arch and development of a hindfoot valgus deformity, lateral foot pain develops, found to frequently relate to extra-articular talocalcaneal or calcaneofibular impingement 1 .
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Fractures of the sustentaculum tali, Operative …

Objective. Anatomical reconstruction of dis- rected slightly plantarly and posteriorly. Frac- seen with the medial approach. At the time placed sustentaculum tali fractures via a di- tures with depression of the medial facet as a of follow-up, 15 sustentaculum tali fractures rect medial approach. whole can alternatively be reduced and fixed had an average Foot Function Index of 21.6
Case Report: Concurrent Sustentaculum Tali and Lateral Talar Body Fracture in a 19 Year Old Patient

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In this study, we also analyzed the sustentaculum tali screw alone and found the maximum displacement of the sustentaculum tali screw was 0.15642mm and the maximum stress in the sustentaculum tali screw was 142.92 MPa, which was mainly
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Sustentaculum tali
sustentaculum tali: [TA] support of the talus, a bracketlike lateral projection from the medial surface of the calcaneus, the upper surface of which presents a facet for …