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We’ve extended the festival submission deadline to 15 August, so now there’s really no excuse for you not to enter!” An international jury of computer animation experts will judge the best works entered in each category; from that pool of top picks, they will hand out three prestigious 2020 awards: Best Student Project, Jury Special, and Best in Show.
「SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 BANGKOK」開催。その見どころを「2018 TOKYO」カンファレンスチェアの安生健一氏が解説 ...

Call for Submissions: SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Computer …

The submission deadline is July 31, 2020. Visit the SACAF 2020 webpage for more information, including how to submit, submission rules and requirements, and an FAQ. Or, you can submit your work directly by logging into the SIGGRAPH Asia Submission.
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SIGGRAPH Asia’s 2020 Virtual Edition Launches – VFX …

SIGGRAPH Asia’s 2020 Virtual Edition Launches Headlined by Glen Keane, the legendary creator of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Beast, Tarzan, and Rapunzel; and two-time Academy Award winner and leading visual effects designer Paul Franklin of Double Negative. 4 December 2020 – The SIGGRAPH Asia Virtual Conference in 2020 kicks off with pre-recorded sessions today,
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SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 submission deadline … July 29, 2020 AnimationXpress Team To support the recently announced move online for Siggraph Asia 2020, ACM Siggraph’s annual conference and… Latest News SIGGRAPH Asia SIGGRAPH Asia 2019’s
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Q1 What geographic region do you reside in.

 · PDF 檔案Maybe moving siggraph asia to Feb after siggraph deadline is an option. 11/2/2019 3:03 PM 21 – For three years the i3D deadline has been mid December, – The period from submission to presentation for SIGGRAPH is long already. 11/2/2019 1:50 PM 12 / 17
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SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Virtual Edition Begins! By Dan Sarto | Friday, December 4, 2020 at 12:59pm
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Coexisting During COVID-19 Quarantine
I am also proud to have worked quickly enough to meet the SIGGRAPH 2020 deadline after just starting my research in February, when the pandemic began. I knew I needed to complete prototype development at a rapid pace. SIGGRAPH: What do you find most
Animated short. 'Kapaemahu' hails the healing powers of the four mahus (transgenders) - AnimationXpress
SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021,カンファレンスチェア(大會委員長)には,シーグラフアジア 2021 (SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021)の開催都市を東京に決定したことを正式に発表しました。また,東京で開催決定
ACM SIGGRAPH は 2019 年 9 月 18 日,株式會社ポリゴンピクチュアズの代表取締役塩田周三氏が就任することが決定しました。
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Technical Papers
The SIGGRAPH 2021 Technical Papers program is the premier international venue for disseminating and discussing new scholarly work in computer graphics technology and interactive techniques. We are looking for high-quality research papers that cover a broad
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SIGGRAPH: In an interview with Deadline, you mentioned that “the biggest challenge or fear that we had was doing justice to the material. It was very, very sensitive.” Tell us about some key decisions involved in creating such a heavy project that was rooted in history and discrimination.
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Electronic Theater
Content must have been completed after last year’s Electronic Theater submission deadline (19 March 2020). Content needs to be uploaded at final resolution by 23 March 2021 at 22:00 UTC/GMT. Each applicant must complete the ACM Rights Management Form, which will be sent as a final step in the submissions process.
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ACM SIGGRAPH is a thriving international organization. Everybody who shares ACM SIGGRAPH’s love for computer graphics and interactive techniques is warmly invited to join ACM SIGGRAPH and attend SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH Asia. Join Today!
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The 12th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques in Asia! UTS Animal Logic Academy – Call for Applications 2019/2020 UTS Animal Logic Academy 622-632 Harris Street, Ultimo NSW 2007 Or PO BOX 123
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Entry Deadline Extended for SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Computer Animation Festival By Dan Sarto | Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 8:24am After moving to a virtual event this December, the festival is now accepting submissions in most every category of CG animation through August 15.
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Secondly, the deadline was set as late as possible while still allowing sufficient time for quality review, production, and delivery at SIGGRAPH Asia. Immediately after the submission deadline, we start processing and reviewing the submissions on a very tight time schedule, and …
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Deadline to enter is 31 July 2020; festival runs 17 – 20 November in Daegu, South Korea Daegu, South Korea (13 May 2020) – The SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Computer Animation Festival (SACAF 2020) i s now open for submissions.
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Sponsored by the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee. Images and videos to be displayed at the Education Committee Booth at SIGGRAPH 2020 in Washington, D.C. and assignments archived on the Education Committee Website. The double-curated exhibit