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In the effective-mass approximation, the Hamiltonian for an exciton in an anisotropic crystal may be separated into two parts, one of which is spherically symmetric. The second part contains the anisotropy of the reduced effective mass and of the dielectric constant.
(PDF) Mathematical modeling of semiconductor quantum dots based on the nonparabolic effective-mass approximation

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 · Abstract: The effective mass approximation (EMA) could be an efficient method for the computational study of semiconductor nanostructures with sizes too large to be handled by first-principles calculations, but the scheme to accurately and reliably introduce EMA parameters for given nanostructures still remains to be devised. . Herein, we report on an EMA approach based on first …
A Three-dimensional Quantum Simulation of Silicon Nanowire Transistors With the Effective-mass Approximation | Nanowire | Field Effect Transistor

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Using effective mass approximation, the dissipation can be replaced by a temperature‐dependen Effective mass approximation for tunneling states with dissipation – Chen – 1989 – physica status solidi (b) – Wiley Online Library
(PDF) Tight-binding versus effective mass approximation calculation of electronic structures of semiconductor nanocrystals and nanowires

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 · PDF 檔案effective-mass approximation for the current–voltage ( – ) calculation of silicon nanowire transistors. We first compute the energy dispersion ( – ) relations of Si nanowires by a semiempirical nearest-neighbor tight-binding (TB) approach [9]–[12]. The are then

Phys. Rev. B 95, 125201 (2017)
Beyond the effective mass approximation: A predictive theory of the nonlinear optical response of conduction electrons Shukai Yu, Kate H. Heffernan, and Diyar Talbayev Phys. Rev. B 95, 125201 – Published 9 March 2017
(PDF) Impact of disorder in double barrier QD structures on energy selectivity investigated by two dimensional effective mass approximation

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The solid lines with circles are for the parabolic effective-mass (pEM) approximation while the dashed lines with diamonds are for the tuned effective-mass (tEM) approach. Wang, Rahman, Ghosh, Klimeck and Lundstrom Fig. 8 (a) The conduction band edges, E C …
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 · PDF 檔案Validity of the effective mass approximation in silicon and germanium inversion layers J.L. van der Steen, D.Esseni∗, P.Palestri∗, L.Selmi∗ MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands ∗ DIEGM, University of Udine, Via delle Scienze 208, 33100 Udine
Total effective mass in units of a bare electron mass m ∗ as | Download Scientific Diagram

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AbstractWithin the effective mass and nonparabolic band theory, a general framework of mathematical models and numerical methods is developed for theoretical studies of semiconductor quantum dots. It includes single-electron models and many-electron models of Hartree-Fock, configuration interaction, and current-spin density functional theory approaches.
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Momentum operator in effective mass approximation Ask Question Asked 4 years, 9 months ago Active 8 months ago Viewed 291 times 3 $\begingroup$ When we calculate the band structure of some solid then we often find that in the bottom of the conduction
Calculation of Confined Electron and Hole States in a Strained InAs-GaAs Pyramidal Quantum Dot System Based on Effective Mass Approximation
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 · PDF 檔案1 6.730 Physics for Solid State Applications Lecture 24: Effective Mass •A Closer Look at Valence Bands • k.p and Effective Mass •Heavy, light and split-off bands Outline April 5, 2004 Semiclassical Equations of Motion Lets try to put these equations together….
Total effective mass in units of a bare electron mass m ∗ as | Download Scientific Diagram

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135 Efficient solution algorithm of non-equilibrium Green s functions in effective mass approximation L. Zeng+,*, Y. He*, T. Kubis *, M. Povolotskyi *, X.Y. Liu +, and G. Klimeck * + Key Laboratory of Microelectronic Devices and Circuits, Institute of
(PDF) Beyond the relativistic Hartree mean-field approximation: Energy dependent effective mass

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effective-mass approximation Full Record Other Related Research Abstract The quasielastic scattering of electrons on nuclei is reexamined in a coherent relativistic Fermi-gas description. The role of the scalar and vector potentials on the longitudinal
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The effective mass is a tensor with different longitudinal and transverse effective masses, and , respectively. Material specific values for and can be found e.g. in [ 114 ]. Formula ( 6.14 ) is referred to as the parabolic energy band approximation.
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 · Validity of the Parabolic Effective Mass Approximation in Silicon and Germanium n-MOSFETs With Different Crystal Orientations Abstract: This paper investigates the validity of the parabolic effective mass approximation (EMA), which is almost universally used to describe the size and bias-induced quantization in n-MOSFETs.
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In the effective mass approximation, using the two – dimensional equivalent potential model and a simple two – parameter wave function , we calculate variationally the ground state binding energy and correlation energy of positively and negatively charged excitons
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An effective mass approximation (EMA) with finite-depth square-well potential is used to investigate the size-dependent band gap (BG) of PbS and CuBr nanoparticles embedded in different matrices. These two materials are interesting from the theoretical point of view as PbS is a low-BG material with smaller effective masses and larger dielectric constants, whereas CuBr is a wide-BG material